Certificate Program on

Investing in Global Financial Markets

60 Hours | Live Interactive | Starts 28th May 2022 |   Saturday & Sunday  

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Best practices from renowned portfolio managers

1. Dr. Tirthankar Patnaik: Chief Economist, National Stock Exchange (NSE)

2. Siddharth Bhargava: Managing Director & Chief Investment Officer, Samena Capital

3. Ms. Prachi Ganu: 18+ years of industry experience in institutional sales/risk management (corporate & investment banking) with JP Morgan & ICICI  

Course Overview:

'Emerging markets catch a cold when US sneezes’
‘Indian Equities correct sharply after the US Fed meeting last evening’

Have you heard such statements, but never really understood why this happens? 

If yes, this course is your chance to delve deeper into Financial Markets and understand the global and economic linkages!

This course on Financial Markets is unique as it not only deep dives into Equities, but also gives you a flavor of the broader Global Financial markets [Equity, Fixed Income, Fx, Commodities, Derivatives and Crypto], along with a practical understanding of macroeconomic factors/ global events and their links to financial markets.    

As we deep dive into Equity Markets, we will cover Finance and Economics fundamentals. At the end of this course, candidates will be able to understand & appreciate how macroeconomic factors and global events affect stocks, sectors and the broader markets to build the best investment strategies. 

Insights developed through this course will support specialized careers in the Finance Domain such as Wealth Management, Corporate Banking, Credit Risk, Equity Research, Economic analysis across Banking & financial institutions, Brokerage Houses, Mutual Funds & others.

  • Learn the basics of investing in global financial markets
  • Practical understanding of macroeconomic factors/ global events and their links to financial markets
  • Anyone who aims to work in Financial Markets or looking to invest
  • Undergrad students across streams
  • working professionals new to Financial Markets
  • The course is open to all who are curious to learn new skills
  • Participants will need to have access to a laptop/PC

                                      Key Features

Live Coaching

60 hours instructor-led live training. 

Continuous Assessment

Post-course evaluation assignment

Case Studies

  Industry-relevant case studies

Constant Learner Support

Llifetime recording access on LMS.

Alumni Status

Industry event invitations + student network access

Career Enhancement

1 session for resume building & interview tips.

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Meet Your Course Faculty

Siddharth Bhargava

  • Managing Director & CIO - India Credit for Samena Capital 

  • Ex-Head credit trading and investing Goldman Sachs, India

  • Managing Director and Co-Founder of Catalytic Management Advisors Private Limited.

  • 15+ years of experience with companies like Merrill Lynch and DB Zwirn in principal investing and trading in India specifically and in the Asia Pacific region

Dr. Tirthankar Patnaik

  • Chief Economist, National Stock Exchange (NSE)

  • 20+ years’ experience in India macro and portfolio strategy, quantitative finance, and consumer banking analytic

  • PhD  - Financial Economics, Indira Gandhi institution of development research

Ms. Prachi Ganu

  • 18+ years of industry experience in institutional sales/risk management (corporate & investment banking) with JP Morgan & ICICI. 

  • Chartered Accountant (All India 25th rank holder) and certified valuation professional -financial assets and securities (IBBI).

  • Mrs. Prachi is also a visiting faculty at Meghnad Desai Academy.

Mr. Vinod Bhat

  • Vice President - Portfolio Manager and Equity Strategist, Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC Limited (ABSLAMC).

  • Ex-VP - Corporate Strategy & Business Development, Aditya Birla Management Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

  • Ex - Investment Banker at Credit Suisse and Ocean Park Advisors, USA.

  • CFA (USA), MBA in Finance, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania (USA), B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering, IIT Bombay

Session-Wise Course Curriculum 

Introduction to Global Financial Markets - with focus on ‘Equity Markets’

  • Fundamental Analysis
    • Time Value /Financial Statements
    • Industry / Business Analysis
  • Equity Valuation
    • DCF and Relative Valuation
    • Walkthrough –Equity Research Reports
  • Bond Valuation
    • Treasuries & Bonds - Fixed Income market
    • All about Credit Ratings & Credit Risk
    • Walkthrough – Live Credit Rating Rationales
  • Portfolio Management
    • Diversifiable / non diversifiable risk/ Efficient Frontier
    • Building an Equity Portfolio
  • Macro economics – fundamentals
    • Economic Indicators – what do they mean?
    • Interest rates/ Inflation/Currencies etc.
  • Macro economics – how do they impact Financial markets
    • Economic Indicators – how they impact stocks and markets
    • Interest rates/ Inflation /Commodity prices / Currencies/ Bullion etc
  • Macro economics – Global linkages
    • How and why global events impact Indian Markets
    • Fed – Int rates / US – China eco growth / FPI outflows …other factors
    • Asian Crisis / GFC / Pandemic
  • Portfolio management
    • Efficient frontier / optimal portfolios
    • Company specific risk v/s portfollio risk
    • Diversifiable risk v/s non-diversifiable risk
  • How does one Build a Portfolio?
    • How fund managers think about their portfolios?
    • Sector themes / Macro themes / company specific
    • Interconnectedness within the portfolio
    • When is a market said to be overvalued? Market PE / GDP-Market Cap ratio etc…
  • Derivatives
    • Derivative Basics
    • How can it be used in managing risk
  • Using derivatives for managing your portfolios
  • Mutual Funds
    • Active / Passive fund management - ETFs
    • Fund of Funds
    • Global Funds
  • Investing beyond India
    • Can you invest in Global Companies
    • Options available for Indian investors
  • Commodity Markets / Fx Markets
    • Market fundamentals
    • India and Global Markets – overview
  • Crypto Currencies
    • Fundamentals
    • Etherium / Dogecoin… NFT (non fungible token) etc…
    • Options for Indian Investors / Risks

MDAE Alumni               Track Record

MDAE alumni working in diverse roles across leading companies.

Arushi Mishra 

Data Consultant

Vallari Naik

 Trainee Decision Scientist

Pooja Joshi

  Senior Research Analyst

Nishitha Mehta

Risk Analyst

Swati Shrimali

 Business Analyst

Ujas Shah

  Research Analyst

Krina Shah

  Data Scientist

Arya Shah

  Data Scientist

Nirakar Padhy

  Data Scientist

Testimonials from Corporates

Santanu Sengupta

Head – Treasury Economics and Strategy, RIL

We have had a very good experience with a student from MDAE who has been working with us over the past three years. Practical exposure is what differentiates MDAE students, and we observed that she was able to close the gap between academia, and real-life faster than fresh graduates from other renowned institutes. MDAE is doing a stellar job in preparing candidates for the job market.

Mr DK Joshi

Chief Economist Crisil Ltd

With sound training in economic concepts, practical experience and exposure to real-world issues. MDAE students appeared well prepared for the job market.

Dr. Reuben Abraham

CEO & Senior fellow at IDFC Institute

We had an excellent experience working with a student from the MDAE. Unlike most, he had an extraordinary curiosity and a willingness to learn and place textbook economics in their historical and political context, which itself involved digging into 500 years of political history. Based on this experience of working with him, we have made him an offer to join us full-time once he graduates from MDAE

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Investing in Global Financial Markets

Certificate Course on Investing in Global Financial Markets

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