Certificate Program on "Introduction to Data Analysis with Tableau"

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Course Overview:

This course will introduce beginners to the underlying concepts in Tableau, a tool used to create dashboards to generate actionable business insights from the data. It will also help you understand the various ways to visualize your data using interesting charts.

  • Creating your own sheets, dashboards and stories.
  • Visualize the structured and textual data with the help of charts.
  • Few machine learning capabilities like linear regression and forecasting.
  • Anyone aspiring to be a data/reporting analyst, with little or no formal knowledge in programming.
  • Professionals who work with data in excel and want to use some automated way of creating the dashboards.
  • Participants will need to have access to a laptop/PC.
  • A logical bent of mind

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Meet Your Course Faculty

Dr. Tarun Bhatt


Data Science at Novartis & 7+ years of experience in predictive modeling and data mining using Python, R, SQL, Tableau in companies like TCS, EXL. He did Bachelors in Technology from Delhi Technological University

Session-Wise Course Curriculum 

You will get familiar with tableau and the Interface of Tableau. Also, you will get to know how to download and install tableau in your systems and what are the various ways of Distributing and publishing data in tableau. Topics we are going to cover:

  1. Downloading and Installing Tableau
  2. Introduction to Tableau
  3. The Tableau Interface
  4. Distributing and Publishing

In this module, you will get started with the Managing and Connecting to Data using Tableau Concepts. You will get familiar how to get data in Tableau from different Sources. Also, you will be introduced to the type of joins that we can have in tableau. Topics we are going to cover:

  1. Getting started with Data
  2. Connecting to a data source
  3. Data preparation with Text and Excel files
  4. Appending Data Connections and Data Sources
  5. Editing Metadata and Saving Data Sources
  6. Data Extraction and utilization
  7. Joining related data sources
  8. Data Transformation Methods
  9. Advance Data Transformation Methods
  10. Connecting to MySQL
  11. Connecting to Google Analytics

After going through the Introduction and Data Connection, this module will cover all the concepts of Formatting and Manipulating Tableau Visualization such as, Sorting, Filtering, Grouping, Parameters, Forecasting, Trend Lines and Reference Lines to get the insightful visuals of the data. Further concepts that we will cover:

  1. Getting Started with Visual Analytics
  2. Creating a visualization using Show Me
  3. Reordering and removing visualization fields
  4. Creating Sets
  5. Working with Sets
  6. Using Filter Shelf
  7. Implementing Quick Filter
  8. Filter for Top and Top N

This module covers the advance part of Formatting Tableau Visualization like:

  1. Creating a calculated field
  2. Adding totals and subtotals to a cross-tab
  3. Creating a heat map
  4. Creating a box-and-whisker plot
  5. Changing the summary operation
  6. Changing the visual summary type
  7. Changing the appearance of your data
  8. Resizing a visualization
  9. Displaying a visualization in Presentation mode

After gathering knowledge about Formatting in Tableau, we will be looking forward to various concepts of Dashboards and Stories like:

  1. Getting Started with Dashboards and Stories
  2. Building Dashboards
  3. Formatting Dashboards and layouts
  4. Dashboard interactivity using action
  5. Implementing Dashboards
  6. Creating Stories

This module covers the concept of Mapping in Tableau. We will study different types of Maps used according to the given data for Analysis. The topics to be covered are as following:

  1. Creating a basic map
  2. Setting map options
  3. Advance Mapping in Tableau
  4. Custom Geocoding
  5. Polygon Maps
  6. Adding Background images

This module covers the concepts of calculations in Tableau. You will get familiar with the various computational concepts in this module including, Calculation Syntax, Date Calculations, Number Calculations, Aggregation Calculations, String Calculations, Calculations, Type Calculations, Logic Calculations, Understanding pill Types, Parameters and Conceptualizing LOD Expressions. We will also cover:

  1. Computations
  2. Introduction to LOD Expressions
  3. Modifying Table Calculations
  4. Aggregation and Replication with LOD Expressions
  5. Nested LOD Expressions
  6. Aggregation, Granularity and Ratio Calculations
  7. Fixing "Incorrect" sorts with INDEX()

This Module will impart knowledge on how to integrate Tableau with R and Hadoop, and how we can use R with Tableau for Data Analysis. Topics we are going to cover:

  1. Connecting Tableau with R.
  2. Using R within Tableau
  3. Connecting Tableau with Hadoop

This module will cover all the advance charts which we can build in Tableau like word cloud,tree map, Histograms and the concepts cleaning the data having Re-aliasing. Further, we will cover:

  1. Pareto charts
  2. Waterfall chart
  3. Bump chart
  4. Funnel chart
  5. Bollinger Bands
  6. Benford's Law

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Introduction to Data Analysis with Tableau

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Certificate Course on Introduction to Data Analysis with Tableau

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