Course: Introduction to Fintech

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Course Objective:

The purpose of this course is to provide the students with a holistic view of the Fintech ecosystem in both the Indian and global context. While most courses in this area provide either finance or a technology perspective of the industry, we aim to bridge the gap between the two through industry frameworks and use cases. This course will enable participants in identifying areas where financial technologies can be utilized to create new Fintech solutions as well as for rebuilding products & processes in Financial Institutions. This will also provide a detailed overview on emerging concepts around Open Banking and Digital Transformation along with deep diving into other segments of Fintechs such as Wealthtech, Insuretech, Regtech, etc.

Course Description:

The course will consist of modules providing an overview of different segments of fintech like Open Banking, Digital Lending and Payments, Digital Banking, Wealthtech, Insurtech, Regtech and Blockchain. The course will focus on basics of each module, key components, case studies etc.

  • Have a broader overview of Fintech and key building blocks of the fintech ecosystem
  • Understand the basics of different modules of Fintech
  • Analyse the potential areas of disruption across payments, lending, wealth management, and regulatory compliance

  • Anyone interested in FinTech sector and wants to gain knowledge to learn or upskill themselves

  • Their are no sepicifc prerequisites for this course
  • Curosity to learn a new programming language and apply that to quantitaive analysis

                                      Key Features

Live Coaching

30 hours instructor-led, live interactive training.

Continuous Assessment

3 assignments(2 minor assignments and 1 final project)

Industry Project

Course with 1 Industry-led Project.

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Meet Your Course Faculty

Mr. Vignesh Iyer 

Principal Engineer at State Street

Session-Wise Course Curriculum 

  • The financial sector today
    • Traditional financial services vs today
    • Factors driving Evolution of Fintechs
    • Overview of Fintech Ecosystem 
  • Top evolving fintech trends
    • Building block of Fintech such as overview of Indiastack
    • Emerging digital trends in the financial services space

Fin tech applications across including peer to peer lending, crowd-funding and business financing, payments and retail transactions, equity, trading and investment applications.

  • Brief overview of digital Banking 
  • Traditional vs digital banking
  • Driving factors for digital Banking
  • Building digital strategy
  • Digital maturity Index
  • Digital Lending Overview
  • Digital lending ecosystem 
  • Digital lending drivers
  • Lending Value chain and India stack
  • Open lending framework
  • Digital payments- ( real time payments such as UPI and UPI 2.0)
  • Global progress on Digital Payments 
  • Payment based business models

AI and Machine Learning and their application in Finance

  • Financial Models
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Chat bots
  • Risk


  • Role of Robotic process automation
  • Applications used

Fintech in Banking

  • Brief overview of open banking
  • Overview of Open Banking Ecosystem
  • APIs and API economy
  • Business and monetisation models

High Frequency Trading (HFT)

  • Functions
  • HFT vs Regular trading
  • Languages used for HFT
  • Usecase

Casestudy – Flash Crashes in Equity

Assignment - I

Regtech – Regulatory technology

  •  Accelerating Innovation with Controls
  • Simplifying real KYC
  • Fraud & Compliance Management
  • Regulatory Reporting

 Supervisory technology

  •  Supervisory agencies
  • Data Collection process


  • Innovation inside Manufacturing of Insurance Products
  • Brokerage focused Insurtech
  • Impact of new digital insurance firms – Digit / Acko


  • Democratizing Wealth Management
  • Robo Advisory and other transformation
  • Movement towards Zero in Equity Investment

Bitcoin / Cryptocurrencies

  • Technology and Cryptographic components of Blockchain
  • Limitations or challenges for wider use of Blockchain
  • Notable Progress made on Blockchain
  • Leading blockchain platforms and consortium


  • Introduction
  • IPO vs ICO


Risk Management

  • Fraud Risk
  • Merchant Risk
  • Regulatory risk
  • Anti-money laundering and countering terrorist financing
  • Consumer Risks
  • Cybersecurity and Data Privacy
  • Credit risk and operational risk

Case study – Evolution of digital banking in India

Assignment – II & Industry-led Live Project with Zebpay

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Intro To FinTech

30 Hours Online Self Paced Learning

Intro To FinTech

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