Certificate Program on Data Visualization with R

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Course Overview:

Data visualization is an integral part of data analysis and presentation. This course will introduce you to creating interesting visualizations of different types of data, ranging from simple univariate and bivariate numerical and categorical data, to more complex multi-variable data. During this course, you will learn to use simple scatter, box, line plots, etc. as well as interactive graphs and maps. Most importantly, the course will teach you the ideal visualization tool to use in different contexts. The course will use the powerful graphic tools of the R programming language.

  • Choose the optimal visualization tool suitable for the given data type
  • Generate simple graphs as well as advanced animated graphs and maps
  • Present your data in a comprehensible manner to an uninitiated audience

  • Students, professionals and others, who are familiar with the basics of programming in R and want to learn the tools to visualize data in R 

  • Basic understanding of mathematical and satistical concepts
  • Curosity to learn a new programming language and apply that to quantitaive analysis
  • A logical bent of mind

                                      Key Features

Self Learning Program

20 hours Self Learning Program.

Continuous Assessment

Pre-course and post-course evaluation assignment

Industry Project

1 Project.

Constant Learner Support

Digital office hours + teaching assistant + lifetime recording access on LMS.

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Industry event invitations + student network access

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1 session for resume building & interview skills.

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Meet Your Course Faculty

Pravesh S. Tiwari  

Manager in L&T financial services

A diligent data scientist, silent visualizer and an enthusiastic programmer with 5+ years of experience in building machine learning models data processing and scripting in different programming languages including R and Python. Pravesh loves to analyze data using different models to furnish valuable insights.

Session-Wise Course Curriculum 

Scatter plots, lines, steps, box plots, adding parameters to the basic plot function- creating legends, adding colors, grid lines, viewing multiple graphs in a single pane, etc.

Bar plots, histograms, pie charts, quintiles, Percentiles, Q-Q plots, function curves

Basic line graphs, scatters, regression lines, balloon plots, etc. with ggplot2

Bar plots, correlation matrix, functions, network graphs

Heat maps, 3-dimensional and animated graphics

Chloreopath maps and creating maps from a shape file

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Data Visualization with R

20 Hours Self Learning Course.

Data Visualization with R

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