Certificate Program on Financial markets and modeling

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Course Overview:

This course will introduce beginners to the Financial Markets and Modeling.

You will learn about the financial market, the synergies between various assets. And a deep dive into the calculations and building models in financial markets.

Any one who has interest in financial products and its modelling

No prerequisites – just being open to understanding the financial world.

                                      Key Features

Live Coaching

30 hours instructor-led, live interactive training & 10 hours of project and assignment.

Continuous Assessment

2 assignments

Industry Project

1 Industry-led Live Project

Constant Learner Support

Digital office hours + teaching assistant + lifetime recording access on LMS.

Alumni Status

Industry event invitations + student network access

Career Enhancement

1 session of resume building and interview tips

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Meet Your Course Faculty

Mr. Vignesh Iyer  

Principal Engineer at State Street & Visiting faculty at IIMs, NMIMS, SP Jain Mumbai

Session-Wise Course Curriculum 

  • Financial Markets and Players
    • Role of Governments in Financial Markets
    • Financial Institutions, Financial Intermediaries, and Asset Management Firms
    • Overview of Private Market Participants
    • Credit Rating Agencies and Their Role in Financial Markets
    • Depository Institutions: Activities and Characteristics
    • Central Banks
    • Insurance Companies
    • Investment Banking Firms
  • Understanding Risks and Asset Pricing
    • Overview of Risks and Their Management
    • Properties and Pricing of Financial Assets
    • Return Distributions, Risk Measures, and Risk-Return Ratios
    • Portfolio Selection Theory
    • Asset Pricing Theories
  • Interest Rates, Interest Rate Risk, and Credit Risk
    • The Theory of Interest Rates
    • The Structure of Interest Rates
  • Primary and Secondary Markets
    • Primary Markets
    • Secondary Markets
    • The Foreign Exchange Market
  • Global Government Debt Markets
    • Sovereign Debt Markets
    • Subnational (Municipal) Government Debt Markets
  • Corporate Funding Markets
    • The Structure and Trading Venues of the Equity Market
    • U.S. Common Stock Market: Pricing Efficiency, Trading, and Investment Strategies
    • Non-U.S. Equity Markets
    • Global Short-Term Funding and Investing Markets
    • Corporate Debt Markets
    • Market for Asset-Backed Securities
    • Financing Market for Small, Medium-Sized, and Entrepreneurial Enterprises
  • Real Estate Markets
    • The Residential Mortgage Market
    • Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities Market
    • Commercial Real Estate Markets
  • Collective Investment Vehicles and Financial Derivatives Markets
    • Market for Collective Investment Vehicles
    • Financial Futures Markets
    • Options Markets
    • Pricing Futures and Options Contracts
    • Applications of Futures and Options Contracts
    • Over-the-Counter Interest Rate Derivatives: Forward Rate Agreements, Swaps, Caps, and Floors
    • Market for Foreign Exchange Derivatives
    • Market for Credit Risk Transfer Vehicles
  • Basic Financial Calculations
    • PV and NPV
    • IRR and Loan tables
    • Future Value
  • Corporate Valuation
    • Cash flows
    • WACC
  • Portfolio Models
    • Introduction
    • Efficient Frontier
    • Variance Covariance Matrix
  • Betas and Security Market Line
  • Black-Litterman approach to Portfolio Optimization
  • Event Studies
  • Option Pricing Model
  • Black Scholes Model
  • Bonds
    • Durations
    • Convexity
    • Default Adjusted expected bond retuns
  • Monte Carlo Methods
    • Simulation of Stock Prices
    • VaR
    • Option Pricing

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Financial Markets and Modeling

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Certificate Course on Financial Markets and Modeling

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