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Data Analysis: Introduction to R Programming

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Course Overview:

This course will introduce beginners to the best practices of coding and data analysis in the R programming language.

It is your first step towards a career in data science or data analysis.

  • Write your own programs in R
  • Maneuver and visualize fairly structured data
  • Perform essential statistical operations and interpret the results

  • Anyone interested in coding and learning to program in R 
  • A data science aspirant, with little or no formal training in the subject  

  • Curosity to learn a new programming language and apply that to quantitaive analysis
  • A logical bent of mind

                                      Key Features

Live Coaching

50 hours (40 hours instructor-led, live interactive training and 10 hours of project/ assignment)

Continuous Assessment

2 assignments (Pre-course evaluation and post-course evaluation)

Industry Project

1 Industry-led Live Project

Constant Learner Support

Digital office hours + teaching assistant + lifetime recording access on LMS.

Alumni Status

Industry event invitations + student network access

Career Enhancement

1 Session for resume building and interview tips.

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Meet Your Course Faculty

Dr. Sandhya Krishnan  

Assistant Professor, MDAE

Dr. Sandhya Krishnan has taught data analytics and R programming at various places across India, and to a wide range of audiences including undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and other professionals. She believes that interesting stories are hidden behind numbers and anyone with a flair for numbers and the right training in data analytics can unravel these stories and present them to the world.  She holds a Ph.D. from the University of Amsterdam and an MA in Economics from the University of Mumbai.

Session-Wise Course Curriculum 

Introduction to Analytics, Analytics Process, Application, Methodology, Problem Definition, Data Collection, Types of Data

Basic Statistical Analysis, Data Summarisation, Outlier treatment, Graphs, Box plot, Introduction to excel, Analysis tool pak, Descriptive Statistics, Histogram

Probability theory, Probability Distribution - Normal, binomial, Bernoulli, Poisson, Exponential, Standard normal; t-distribution, F-distribution, chi-square

Basic Business Analytics, Confidence Interval, Test of Significance, t-test, Chi-square test

ANOVA, Correlation

Regression, Regression analysis, Simple linear Regression

Multiple linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Nonlinear Regression, Diagnostic Checks

Forecasting, Time series analysis, Components of Time Series

Anova, F test, T test, correlation(Using Excel)

Regression, R square, Coefficients, Residuals, Moving Average, Exponential Smoothing(Using Excel)

  • Introduction to R console and editor, using R as a calculator
  • Types of data- integers, characters, numeric, logical, factor, dates, etc.
  • Types of objects: lists, vectors, matrices, data-frames, etc.
  • Creating and working with simple vectors
  • Merging different types of data into a single data set
  • Writing functions and if-else statements
  • Extracting specific rows and columns from a data set
  • Installing packages in R
  • Importing data from an excel sheet into R and exporting data from R to excel
  • Creating random samples of data in R
  • Merging two data sets into one based on a common variable
  • Introducing the basic plot function - scatter plot, lines, barplots
  • Adding parameters to the basic plot function - creating legends, adding background colors, grid lines, viewing multiple graphs in a single pane
  • Advanced graphics- Using ggplot2

Select Projects / Case Studies

Sample Project

Create a financial model connecting dietary patterns to diabetes across states in India

Gender Biasedness

If the level of education is favorable towards a particular gender, how will you represent it with visual aid??

Effect of Covid 19 on Students' Grades

It is required to understand whether the current pandemic and the shift in mode of learning has affected the grades of the students. How would you comment on the issue (with confidence and conviction) based on your data?

Distances of Indian Villages From its Closest Town 

The Census of India publishes data on the distance of each village to the closest town. How would you identify and count the number of missing values in this data and then summarize it at the district level to obtain mean, median and standard deviation of the distance to closest town?

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MDAE alumni working in diverse roles across leading companies.

Arushi Mishra 

Data Consultant

Vallari Naik

 Trainee Decision Scientist

Pooja Joshi

  Senior Research Analyst

Nishitha Mehta

Risk Analyst

Swati Shrimali

 Business Analyst

Ujas Shah

  Research Analyst

What Our Students Say About Our Faculty  

"It has been an honour to get to learn so many things from  Dr. Sandhya Krishnan. Thanks for inspiring us! We need more instructors like her in our schools and universities where we learn subjects in an intuitive and practical way. I feel really lucky to have a mentor and a teacher like her. Thanks for making me fall in love with Econometrics, Data analysis and R, and now I cannot get enough of them! I owe all of it to her."

Aarushi Lunia– Batch 2019-20

"Aayush sir's lecture was really really helpful! We feel familiar with the R language now. Earlier we weren't able to grasp it that quickly. He was extremely patient with us and he clarified the littlest doubt someone had. I'd be more than happy to have him conduct more sessions."

Yeshita Kelkar– Batch 2020-2021



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Introduction to R Programming

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Data Analytics - An Introduction to R Programming

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