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Course Overview:

This course will take you through the different tools of Machine Learning including classification, clustering and predictive analytics and implement them in R. Using a variety of real-world datasets and case studies, you will learn to discern patterns in extremely large data and understand the relationships between variables in them.

This course is essential for anyone who wishes to pursue the Data Science  Career track with R.

  • You will be well-versed with different Machine Learning algorithms and write R programs to implement those algorithms
  • You can identify which Machine Learning tool is to be used in what context of data analysis and interpret the results
  •  You will be well-equipped to take charge of positions that demand a working knowledge of Machine Learning tools and handle big data using R

  • Any individual who is interested in pursuing a career in data analytics or data science 
  • Any individual who wants to use the tools of Machine Learning in the present era of big data  

  • A good grasp of basic math and programming concepts
  • A working knowledge of R
  • Curiosity for understanding hidden patterns in large datasets

                                      Key Features

Live Coaching

30 hours instructor-led, live interactive training.

Continuous Assessment

5 assignments, 1 final project, pre & post-course assessment.

Collaborative Building of Code Snippet

 The instructor and students shall jointly build code snippets for stated problems. 

Constant Learner Support

Digital office hours + teaching assistant + lifetime recording access on LMS.

Alumni Status

Industry event invitations + student network access

Career Enhancement

Support for Resume building & interview skills.

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Meet Dr. Neeraj Hatekar                                  Your Course Faculty

Former HOD, Mumbai School of Economics & Public Policy & Visiting Fellow, Cambridge University.

Dr. Neeraj Hatekar is the foremost Indian Econometrician with 3 decades of teaching and research experience. He is a renowned author – published Principles of Econometrics (Using R): A standard textbook used by leading universities. He is also a frequently cited author who has published research papers with leading refereed journals and books such as Economic & Political Weekly (EPW), Indian Economic Journal, Journal of Quantitative Economics amongst others.

Session-Wise Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to Machine Learning and its algorithms
  • Difference between machine learning and classical methods of data analyses
  • Overview of statistical pre-requisites for machine learning
  • Classification using the k Nearest Neighbors (kNN) method
  • Classification using the naive Bayes algorithm
  • Classification using decision tress and rule learners
  • Predictive analysis using linear regressions
  • Predictive analysis using regression trees and model trees
  • Neural Networks
  • Support Vector Machines
  • Pattern detection using Association rules
  • Clustering using k-means

Select Projects / Case Studies

Case study 1

How would you develop a classification algorithm that can filter out spam messages from emails and SMSs?

Case study 2

How will you help banks automate the credit scores of their clients to help them decide which loans should be approved and which ones rejected?

Case study 3 

Insurance companies invest a lot of time and money in forecasting the medical expenses of prospective clients. Given data on patients, how will you develop a model that can accurately forecast average medical expenses? 

Alumni Track Record!

MDAE alumni working in diverse roles across leading companies.

Arushi Mishra 

Data Consultant

Vallari Naik

 Trainee Decision Scientist

Pooja Joshi

  Senior Research Analyst

Nishitha Mehta

Risk Analyst

Swati Shrimali

 Business Analyst

Ujas Shah

  Research Analyst

What Our Students Say About Our Faculty  

"Neeraj Sir's course is a perfect blend of conceptual learning and real-world examples. Neeraj Sir kept us engaged and intrigued throughout the class by giving us problems faced by real firms and governments. Learning how to run our models on R made our analysis more reliable and accurate. The weekly assignments required the application of whatever we covered in class to solidify our understanding. As someone who was new to econometrics, I am a lot more confident after the course."

Yeishita Kelkar 

"The "Econometrics for Policy" conducted by Dr. Neeraj Hatekar is a unique and comprehensive course that highlights the econometrics tools necessary especially in the sphere of policy. There aren't many courses out there that offer something like this and that's what makes it special. Prof. Neeraj is exceptionally good and his experience speaks for in his teachings. The econometric tools are also taught in the R programming language and special efforts are taken to do the same. TheTA is also approachable and plays a key role to coordinate the course smoothly"

Neeti Lotliker


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MDAE’s learning journey offers a candidate multiple entry and exit points. For those with prior exposure to the field, they can choose one or more of the courses on offer as long as they meet the course prerequisites. For example – a candidate who understands the basics of programming, can straightway opt to study the wrangling course or even the machine learning course. On the other hand, the career track allows a participant to deep dive and go through a solid training right from the foundation to the advance level. The career track is a 120 hour, 4 course training program which allows the candidate to pick a programming language between R or Python. The first course (Quant essentials for data science) is common across the programming languages, and the next 3 courses are specific to what you choose (R or python)

There are 3 distinct advantages of choosing a career track over a skills track –

1) Different certification – With the integrated 4 course training, candidates will become an MDAE Certified Data Scientist – an industry demanded certificate.

2) Small group mentoring – Candidates will receive live mentoring with industry’s best practitioners throughout the program.

3) Capstone projects – Deserving candidates can be evaluated for projects/internships with our industry partners.

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